3-Mode Intermittent Vacuum Regulator

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The SMP Dual-Mode Vacuum Regulator allows for both Intermittent and Continuous modes of surgical suction. With its durable design and construction, this vacuum regulator offers maximum performance and minimum maintenance allowing it to be the ideal choice of medical practitioners today.


Gauge accuracy: ±1.6%


Fully adjustable timing cycle


Preset at 16 seconds ON, 8 seconds OFF in intermittent mode


Intermittent mode regulates the flow rate to ASTM standard at 8 LPM


Glow in the dark gauge for easy reading under low light conditions


Quiet, reliable operation with pneumatic module


Gauge available in ISO and US configurations


Accurate, precise suction control


Ergonomic design


Can be sterilized internally with cold disinfectant


Durable high quality ABS protective body for high impact resistance


Comes pre-equipped with an overflow safety trap made from high performance precision thermoplastic


Available gauges:

(0 – 160 mmHg) /(0 – 200 mmHg) / (0 – 300 mmHg) / (0 – 400 mmHg) /
(0 – 760 mmHg)


Shell Color: White


Industry leading 7 year warranty


Ordering Guide

V X X   -   X X X   -   X   -   X X   -   X

Gauge Direction



Shell Color

I = Counter Clockwise

U = Clockwise

T = Trap

N= Nipple

I    = Intermittent

C =  Continuous

Y   = Yellow

W = White

Gauge Range


160 = 160mmHg

200 - 200mmHg

300 = 300mmHg

400 = 400mmHg

760 = 760mmHg

XX = No Adapter


CH = Chemetron

JS = Japanese Standard

DN = German Standard

BS = British Standard

DS = DISS Standard

DH   = DISS Hand Tight

AF = French Standard

PB = Puritan-Bennett

AS = AGA / Scandinavian Standard



VWC - 300 - I - DS - T

Color:  White shell color

Mode: Continuous

Gauge Range: 0 - 300 mmHg

Gauge Direction: Counter Clockwise

Adapter: DISS adapter

Fitting: Trap


* 0-400 mmHg available in counter clockwise only

* Intermittent vacuum regulatory available in white shell only


Product Highlights

Reusable Collection Bottle

Model Number :


Suction Tube

Model Number :

CTB-045 = 90cm

CTB-180 = 180cm

CTB-0360 = 360cm


Slide Bracket

Model Number :


Vacuum Regulator Accessories

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