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The medical face mask is essential to the prevention of large droplet aerosols and splashes coming into contact with the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose.  The 4 layer mask provides a BFE Filtration:  > 98%. The smart shingle pleat design with woven inner layers antibacterial filter layers and encompasses a nose splint for a comfort fit.


Face mask 100% antibacterial filter cloth. (4 layers)  50 mask/box.

Features & Benefits

•   The first layer is a an aesthetic non-woven fabric

•   The second layer is a non-woven fabric layer that prevents bacteria and viruses.

•   The third layer is a water proof filter to prevent small particles, dust microns and contamination to occur.

•   The fourth layer is a medical grade non woven fabric barrier.

•   Elastic comfort fit ear loops with a smooth seal for a snug fit.

•   Pleated design for maximum facial coverage and prevention of fluid pooling

•   Comfort splint design to easily mold to the bridge of your nose.


Technical Details
Product Applications

Hospitals, clinics, dentistry, Aesthetic center, Industrial environment, Disease prevention, Use anti-smog daily.


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