Diamond Series Surface Mount Solution

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(North American Configuration)

Product Brochure

(European Configuration)

The Diamond Series™ horizontal headwall is designed to be a fully customizable solution allowing it to meet any facility’s requirements. Offering a sleek and elegant design combined with innovative features such as dual integrated accessory rails, integrated night light, and “Lift & Drop” technology for easy access of services makes the Diamond Series headwall by SMP the right choice every time.


Ergonomically placed medical gases and electrical services


Adapts easily for varying acuity levels


Customizable to meet facility requirements


Two full length, fully functional integrated equipment management rails to organize extra equipment and resources (Choice of standard type Dovetail or optional Fairfield Rail)


Various laminate colors available to match any room décor


Ability to accommodate almost any layout of medical gas outlet, electrical and communication devices


Built with internal raceways for high and low voltage electrical wiring


Available in single and double tier configurations


Lift & drop technology for easy access


Integrated room and reading light (optional)


CE, HTM, NFPA, and UL compliant



Area of Use

Patient Rooms


ED/ Trauma








Special Procedure




Product Highlights

True separation of

medical gases, electrical &

communication devices

Integrated room and

reading light (optional)


Fully functional dual

integrated accessory rails

Over 2000 custom laminate colors available to choose from. Contact your SMP rep for details.

Natural Oak

Wild Cherry

Acajou Mahogany

Blossom Cherry

Smoky Brown Pear


Dual Canister Bracket

IV Hook

6 Slot Catheter Holder

Wire Basket

More Accessories...

Dovetail Adapter


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