Quartz Series - Recessed Mount Patient Service Console Unit

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Smart profile design with infection control measures


Sleekest profile available in the industry


Customizable to any desired length


Various laminate colors available to match

any room décor


Removable front fascia for ease of installation

and maintenance


Anodized aluminum front fascia


Galvanized steel back box


Multiple back box service knock outs


Adjustable side mounting brackets


CE, HTM, NFPA, and UL compliant


Surface Mount

Product Highlights

Sleekest Profile In The Industry

High Strength 16 Gauge Galvanized Steel Back Box

Available with or without Laminate Fascia

Over 2000 custom laminate colors available to choose from. Contact your SMP rep for details.

Natural Oak

Wild Cherry

Acajou Mahogany

Blossom Cherry

Smoky Brown Pear


Fairfield Rail

Platinum Series security console cover

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