Skyline Series Ceiling Column - Rigid type

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Provides a modern efficient method of supplying gas & electrical services in surgery or special care area


Up to 8 gas service outlets in any desired sequence


Electrical outlets can be added on any of the four sides of the column


Side panels allow for mounting of any combination of devices such as: Ground jacks, Computer outlets, Communication devices, Slides and I.V. hooks


Bottom mounted gas outlets for use in anaesthetizing locations


Side mounted gas outlets to facilitate the use of secondary equipment for use in specialized care areas


Custom manufactured to customer satisfaction


NFPA-99, BS EN 737,  and HTM 2022 compliant



Standard Column Heights:


030 = 30 inches [762mm]

036 = 36 inches [914mm]

042 = 42 inches [1067mm]

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Manual Retractable Type

Pneumatic Retractable Type


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