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3 in 1 Demand Valve Resucitation Set

The SMP demand valve resuscitation set provides the benefits of resuscitation, suction and oxygen therapy all in one easy to use product. This product can serve as a manually triggered ventilator and can provide 100% oxygen on demand for patients that require immediate assistance of oxygen. The SMP 3-in-1 demand valve resuscitation set includes a demand valve, oxygen regulator and an oxygen powered aspirator with a collection jar.


Durable anodized aluminum body

Demand valve provides a resuscitation flow rate of 40 LPM & Manual flow rate of up to 160 LPM

One touch button to shut off manual ventilation


Connection: DISS

Supply pressure: 50 PSI

Free airflow: 30L/Min

Inlet connection: CGA870 yoke (various inlet connections available)

Output pressure: 50 PSI

Flow rate: 0 - 25 LPM

Gas inlet connection: DISS

Gas outlet: 22mm x 15mm

Pressure: 40 ~ 60 PSIG

Flow rate: 40 LPM manual flowrate and up to 160 LPM flowrate on demand by the patient

Pressure relief valve: 60 cm H2O features

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