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The 500 series are a remarkable choice in electric beds allowing patients and caregivers to have complete control via the control panels conveniently located on side rails. SMP has designed these beds to improve efficiency and reliability thus increasing patient outcomes significantly. The SMP-575, 525EL and 550EL electric beds represents a true evolution of care in the modern medsurg environment. It defines itself through its ease of use, safety considerations and product quality. Simple yet efficient, the SMP 500 series is the ultimate choice for care.

• Heavy duty frame

• Extraordinary one button function puts the bed in ideal position for patient transport

• Central brake (550EL electronic central brake)

• Back-up battery

• Patient lockout controls

• Size: SMP-550EL
(L) 91.3 x (W) 41.3 x (H) 20.9-28 (unit of measure: in.)
(L) 2320 x (W) 1050 x (H) 530-70 (unit of measure: mm

• Castor size: 5 in. (125 mm) dual castors

• Back angle: 0-65° (±5°)

• Leg angle: 0-45° (±5°)

• Trendelenburg & Reverse Trendelenburg angle: 0-10°

• Maximum load capacity: 250 kg. (551 lbs.)


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