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Diamond Series

SMP Canada offers a variety of options when it comes to horizontal headwall solutions. These headwalls are available in single tier , double tier , triple tier , or custom fit options. The Diamond Series headwalls are a perfect solution for any healthcare facility . These units offer many advantages such as our “Lift & Drop” technology, which allows the laminate fascia to have no exposed screws and allows the unit to be serviced with ease preventing down-time. In addition, SMP headwalls feature internal raceways which allow for true
separation of medical gas and electrical components. Our proprietary profile which encompasses smooth
rounded edges delivers an infection control measure like no other.

Area of Use:
Patient Rooms, ED/ Trauma, PACU, ICU,NICU, Special Procedure


Ergonomically placed medical gases and electrical services

Adapts easily for varying acuity levels

Customizable to meet facility requirements

Two full length, fully functional integrated equipment management rails to organize extra equipment and resources (Choice of standard type Dovetail or optional Fairfield Rail)

Various laminate colors available to match any room décor

Ability to accommodate almost any layout of medical gas outlet, electrical and communication devices

Built with internal raceways for high and low voltage electrical wiring

Available in single and double tier configurations

Lift & drop technology for easy access

Integrated room and reading light (optional)

CE, HTM, NFPA, and UL compliant




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