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Brass Body Flowmeters

Introducing the newest addition to our SMP Canada line of flowmeters. We offer both Oxygen and Medical Air, making SMP the ideal choice for any health care facility. Our flowmeters are accurate, reliable and designed to meet strict standards of durability and precision. The base is constructed of solid brass and gas specific colored labeling. The flow tubes are made from crack-resistant polycarbonate housings and calibrated at 50 psi inlet pressure, combined with a steady machined base. All SMP flowmeters are designed for quick connection and compatibility with most standard outlets.

Crack-resistant polycarbonate flow tube

100% brass body with chrome

Flow rate: 0~15 lpm (also available in 0~3.5 lpm)

Flow accuracy within ±10% to meet medical standard

Each unit calibrated at 50 psi inlet pressure before shipment

Also available in 90 degree & 180 degree

Various types of inlet adapters to choose from

Available in US and ISO colour coding

BFM - X X - X X - X X

Example : BFM - 08 - IO -OH (Flow Tube: 08 = 0 - 8 LPM, Control Knob: I = White, Flowmeter Type: O = Oxygen, Adapter: DS = DISS Standard adapter)


Flow Tube : 15 = 0 - 15LPM, 08 = 0 - 8LPM

Control Knob: (Oxygen) I = White, G = Green, (Air) I = Black, U = Yellow

Adapter: XX = No Adapter, OH = OHMEDA, CH = Chemetron, JS = Japanese Standard, DN = German Standard, BS = British Standard, DS = DISS Standard, DH = DISS Hand Tight, SS = Australian Standard, AF = French Standard, PB = Puritan-Bennett


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