Oxygen Regulators (Diaphragm Type)

Output pressure fixed at 50 psi

Polycarbonate crack-resistant flow tube

Flow output accuracy within 10%

With GMP, ISO13485 & CE certificates

Pure brass body with chrome

Flow rate: 0~15 LPM

Side entry/top entry are selectable

Various types of inlet connection can be selected

O R - X X - X X - X X X

Example : OR - DT - 90 - C54 (Type: Diaphragm Type, Angle: 90 = 90º, Inter Connections: C54 = CGA540)


Type : PT = Piston Type, DT = Diaphragm Type

Angle: 90 = 90º, 18 = 180º

Inter Connections: XXX = No Inlet, C54 = CGA540, C87 = CGA870, R87 = Rotary CGA870, C9B = CGA992 BS, C9X = CGA992 BS High Pressure, CBH = CGA992 BS Handtight Wheel, D47 = DIN477, JIS = Japanese, JIH = Japanese Handtight Wheel


Reusable Humidifier
Model Number : HUM-R-315
Bubble Humidifier
Model Number : HUM-R-135
Oxygen Connector
Model Number : OCN
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