Oxygen Regulators Click Style

With built-in flowmeter

Output pressure is fi xed at 50 psi.

Use UL certifi ed gauge

Can be applied for various types of O2 cylinder, with high quality and low repair rate.

The fl ow output accuracy is within ± 10% which meets medical standard, with GMP, ISO13485 & CE certifi cates

Material: Internal brass parts, and aluminum surface.
Output pressure: 50 psi fixed
Gauge display: 0 - 600 mmHg (Above 600 mmHg will display as FULL
Flow rate: 0-4 lpm, 0-8 lpm, 0-15 lpm, 0-25 lpm

Various types of inlet conection can be selected.

Accessories: Humidifi er and Cannula

Small Size: SMP-VST-AM2 (7.5 cm)
Medium Size: SMP-VST-305 (13 cm)
Large Size: SMP-VST-308 (15.5 cm)



Reusable Humidifier
Model Number : HUM-R-315
Bubble Humidifier
Model Number : HUM-R-135
Oxygen Connector
Model Number : OCN
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