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Nebula Series

The SMP Nebula Series overbed light provides an aesthetic design for both patient and staff. The luminaire features both direst and indirect lighting to meet a variety of healthcare requirements. It is ideal for safely and effectively illuminating hallways and hospital rooms while offering an aesthetic design that supersedes the boxy lights of the past and delivering superior performance.


Asymmetric distribution of upper lighting for best projection

Diffused lower lighting for visual comfort

Individual control of both upper and lower lighting through four-position pull-chain switch

Nightlight encased in main body and controlled through an on/off pull-chain switch

Aluminum extruded front profile

Powder coated available in a variety of colours

Comes pre-equiped with mounting bracket

Ease of installation



Upper optical group: Upper semi-transparent methacrylate diffuser, snap-applied without using any tool. Protection degree IP40

Lower optical group: Lower opal satin polycarbonate PST diffuser, with smooth external surface, snap-applied without using any tool. Protection degree IP40.

Wiring: 220-240V 50/60Hz with rigid cable
(section 0.50mm²) and PVC-HT sheathing resistant at 90ºC according at CEI 20-20. Terminal board with maximum wire section allowed 2 2.5mm². Insulation class I.

Light sources: High efficiency LED modules IRC>80 colour temperature 400K (LED diodes selected 3 MacAdam eclipses to ensure a perfect uniform chromaticity), duration >> 50,000 hours L80/F10 at ambient temperature 25ºC.

Regulations: EN 61547, EN 55015, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3, EN 60529, IEC/TR 6247 1-2, EN 60061-1, EN 62031, EN 62493, EN 60598-1, EN 60598-2-13, EN 62471 (risk class 0), EN 62560, EN 60968

NED - LED - X L - X X - X X - X

Example: NEB-LED-BL-3Y-PC-W =(B) - Direct and indirect light, (3) - 3 ft., (Y) - Night light, (PC) - Pull chord, W


Type of light: D = Direct light, I = Indirect light, B = Direct and indirect light

Length: 2 = 2ft., 3 = 3ft., 4 = 4ft.

Night light: Y = Yes, N = No, M = Micro switch

Switch filter: PC = Pull chord, SW = Switch on wall, SL = Switch less

Decora filter: W = White, B = Blue

Flourescent option also available: NEB - FLT - X X X - X

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